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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Journey to the south-west of karnataka

Hello Reader,
We had been to Coorg and Bandipur for 3 days! All of us had lots of fun there! There were 97 of  us! We went by bus, started our journey at 6:30 am on a Thursday. We stayed in a resort called "Jungle inn". We had been to Abbe falls, Golden temple, Talacauvery, went for trekking at Bramhagiri hills and also went for a safari. 
Coorg is also known as Kodagu. It is one of the tiniest district of southern part of Karnataka  It is one of the largest coffee producer of India. Pepper, cardamom, oranges are extensively grown here. 
Bandipur is basically known as one of the tiger reservoir in India. It is known for its wildlife and has many types of biomes, but dry deciduous forest is dominant.
This place sure sounds fun right!! Do you feel like going there or have you already been there? Tell us in the comments section.
Till then, you can always visit(or revisit) this place through some of these books:


Fun Time!!

Hello Reader,

Well...It's John Keats Month and it's been a while since the fun stuff, so let's do it. This one's quite simple. Have a look at the picture below and try guessing which book it is. Have a 'close look' and don't forget to tell us your answer in the comments below! The answer will be posted next week.

I guess that’s all for now. See you later. Till then Read, Write and Relish!


Monday, 28 October 2013

John Keats Trivia Answers

Hello Reader,
My week has finally come after 20 days! (Really sorry for that) So here are the much awaited answers to the trivia quiz.How many of them did you get right? Tell us in the comments below.
  • Where in London was Keats born? Ans: Moorgate
  • What is his birth date?Ans: 31 October 1795
  • At which hospital did Keats register as a medical student before becoming a poet? Hint: It is now part of King's College London Ans: Guy's Hospital
  • In a letter to his brother George, Keats wrote that they talked about "a thousand things,... nightingales, poetry, poetical sensation, metaphysics."Whom does he refer to as they ? Ans: Keats and Coleridge
  • Which literary movement did Keats belong to? Ans: Romanticism
  • "Round many western islands have I been
    Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold."
       Which poem are these lines from? Hint: The title has a Greek name in it  Ans: On first looking into Chapman's Homer
  • When did he write the Ode to a Nightingale? Ans: May 1819
  • "Here lies one/ whose name was writ in water"   Where are these lines from? Ans: His grave
  • "The loveliest and the last,
    The bloom, whose petals nipped before they blew
    Died on the promise of the fruit" 
    Who wrote these lines and for whom?  Hint: It's not by Keats Ans: Shelley for Keats
  • Who said that Keats' letters were "certainly the most notable and most important ever written by any English poet."? Ans: T.S Elliot

Sunday, 27 October 2013

House of Hades Review

Hello Reader,
Woah! It's been a long time since I posted something. Sorry for the delay. I'll make sure it doesn't happen next time.
Anyways, most you might know that after a year long wait, House of Hades has finally released.I just finished reading the book so I decided to do a review on it.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Birthday's of Famous Authors {October}

Hello Reader,
By now you must have come to know that its John Keats birthday this month, but he is not the only one. Here is a look at some other authors celebrating their birthday in the tenth month.
  • Gore Vidal: (October 3, 1925- present)

Vidal is the author of many novels such as The  City and the Pillar and Myra Breckenridge.He has also written a series called Narratives of Empire. He is also credited with writing many screenplays, plays, and essays.

  • Anne Rice: (October 4, 1941- present)
  •  Anne Rice was born as Howard Allen Francis O'Brien. The Vampire Chronicles Series is written by her. She has also written a series of novels on the life of Christ.

  • Sylvia Plath: (October 27, 1932- February 11, 1963)
  •   Often considered a wasted genius, Sylvia Plath has penned many poems, short stories and a semi-autobiographical novel called The Bell Jar.

  • Anne Tyler: (October 25, 1941- present)

 Anne Tyler is an American author who has written several novels. She received the Pulitzer prize in 1989 for her novel, Breathing Lessons. 

  • Arthur Miller: (October 17, 1915 – February 10, 2005)

Arthur Miller was a playwright who wrote many plays such as The Crucible and Death of a Salesman.

  • Oscar Wilde: (October 16, 1854- November 30, 1900)

He wrote books and stories such as The Picture of Dorian Gray,The Canterville Ghost and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Do you know any other author who celebrates their birthday this month?
If yes, then feel free to tell us about them.
Till then Read, Write and Relish!

John Keats Trivia

Hello Reader,
To start of with John Keats Month, here is a fun trivia quiz for you.You think that you know this poet well? Then feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below!! The answers will be posted next week.

Welcome to my blog

Hello Reader,
   Welcome to the blog.I know that the concept of a book blog isn't new. There are thousands of blogs out there which give you book reviews and get you updated with the latest book news.
So what's different about this blog? 
A lot
This blog not only gives you book reviews and book news but also other fun stuff.There will be trivia,quizzes, polls, think-and-ink and loads of other things to make you Read, Write and Relish!!

To start our blog, this month is going to be John Keats Month. So we will be having lots and lots of activities for you related to this great poet and at the end of the month the most active participant will get a chance to post their very own article on this blog for the whole world to read.
So see you soon.