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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Maze Runner Review

Hello reader,
So, a few weeks ago my friends and I went to see The Maze Runner movie and we loved it. So, I couldn't help but read the book. Well, it was even better than the movie.So here's what I think about it:
Firstly, the book is waayy different from the movie because it is filled with so many details that make
it so fun to read.It features the adventures of a group of teens stuck in maze filled with creatures of the dark and how they embark on the seemingly impossible mission to get out of there.It is a quite fast paced book and the plot just keeps thickening as each chapter gets over.Even after watching the movie, I found the book filled with suspense and twists.The characters also seem to have their very own vocabulary which feels annoying in the beginning but you get used to it after a while.Thomas'(the protagonist) feelings and fears have been expressed very well and the other characters also have distinct personalities.On the whole, is filled with adventure, mystery and suspense and once the book ends, you just become even more eager to read the next one.
So, run and grab the book and then start reading it!It's definitely more fun than watching the movie.
If you have done both, share your experience with us in the comments!
Till then Read, Write and Relish!!

Blood of Olympus Review

Hello reader,
I've been busy reading lately.So after a year long wait, I finally finished Blood of Olympus-the last book of The Heroes of Olympus.As usual, most Percy Jackson fans must have finished reading this but for those who haven't, here's the review:
The books starts of a little after the end of House of Hades.The seven demigods have to face a large number of obstacles as they try to reach Athens to stop Gaia before the Feast of Spes. On the other hand, war is raging between the two demigod camps and it is up to Reyna, Nico and Coach Hedge to deliver the Athena Parthenos to camp Half-Blood to stop the war and unite the gods.The book shifts between Jason, Piper, Leo,Reyna and Nico's P.O.V.There is a lot of character development for them but unfortunately very little of Percy and Annabeth is seen in the book.The book does have many plot twists but it seemed predictable in a few places due to the subtle hints across the series.The humor is much more developed and does not seem out of place anymore.Overall, it is a fitting end to the series and honestly, it couldn't have been any better(though I wish it was longer!!).
So if you haven't read it yet, please go ahead and read it while I go ponder upon what the epilogue could have been (if there was one)
If you have read it, tell us what you feel about it in the comments below.
Till then, Read, Write and Relish!!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Asgardians are coming to Boston

Hello reader,
Whoa! It's been a really long time right? Well, there's so much to catch up with but before I do that, here's some news I couldn't wait to share!
The 'Myth Master' Rick Riordan has revealed the name of his new series based on....Yep, you got it, It's based on Norse mythology! So get ready to see Thor and Loki in "MAGNUS CHASE AND THE GODS OF ASGARD"!!
While much about the series has not been revealed about the series, what we do know is the title of the first book is to revealed in 'Blood of Olympus' and the series is most probably set in Boston!
Also...the great suspense........How is Magnus Chase related to another Chase girl we know (It's not Kiara Chase, unfortunately)I'm talking about Annabeth. Rick says that they are related but to find out how, we'd have to wait for another year.
So Magnus Chase, Annabeth Chase, there are definitely going to be a lot of chases!!
Any idea how they are related? Tell us in the comments below. And don't forget to watch out for more fun coming soon!
Till then, Read, Write and Relish!!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Word War 1

Hello reader,
Did you know it was Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday on 22nd? Well, since this month is in his honor, our very first 'Word War' is also dedicated to him.
If you remember, in one of our earlier posts I had mentioned how Arthur Conan Doyle would have considered himself a failure if he was alive now.So to start off our word war, here's my question:

Do you really think that Arthur Conan Doyle is a failure and that other detective fiction novels are better than the Holmes series?

In my opinion, Doyle was a very prolific writer. His other books are probably not so famous because Holmes completely overshadowed them but that doesn't mean they are not good.
As for Holmes itself, Doyle never took long to write them as he considered his other works much more important and even then the stories are so good.Imagine how awesome they would have been if he would have paid more attention to them!
What's your opinion in the matter? Do you disagree and think that other fictional detectives are much better than Holmes? Tell us in the comments below and Let the word war begin!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Lost World Review

Hello reader,
So, you might know that it's Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday next week.That's why, I would like to shine some light on one of his works 'The Lost World'.Here's a review:
'The Lost World' features one of Doyle's other popular character-Professor Challenger.He has just returned from a trip to South America and claims to proof of the existence of dinosaurs in the modern world.While most people consider this utter nonsense, one journalist (the narrator) decides to give him a chance to prove himself and he along with Professor Challenger and two other people set out on journey to the lost world.There they not only encounter dinosaurs but also other creatures (I'm not telling which, it'll spoil the suspense).
This book is a short read like the Holmes novels but is still action packed and wonderfully narrated-another masterpiece from Doyle.The characters are all different from one another and Challenger's arguments add a touch of humour to the book. Also, the well developed characters do a great job of showing certain sides of human nature. And if all that is not enough, you could also learn a thing or two about the prehistoric world from this book.
This book would be loved by fans of Jurassic Park ( did you know that one of it's titles was inspired by this book?)You could also read it if you just want to see some not-so heroic characters going on an epic adventure. So, I suggest, that you grab this book and start reading.
Till then, Read, Write and Relish

Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Awesome Sherlock Holmes Facts

Hello reader,
As announced earlier, this month is going to be dedicated to Arthur Conan Doyle.So it is only fair that we tell you some cool stuff about Sherlock Holmes.Most of you might be aware that he is a detective.But he is not just a detective, he is the world's only consulting detective.He is also the first fictional character to receive an honorary fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry.So here are some more facts which you probably did not know:

  1. He was originally going to be named Sherrinford!
  2. He holds a Guinness World Record for being 'the most portrayed literary human character in film and T.V.'
  3. The police force in UK has an information system called HOLMES 2
  4. Agatha Christie was influenced by the stories of Sherlock Holmes while writing the Hercule Poirot mysteries.
  5. There is a statue of Holmes in Edinburgh where Arthur Conan Doyle was born but no statue of the author himself!
While our previous facts show just how popular Holmes is here's something that shows that his popularity was definitely not liked by his creator. Doyle once said that,"If in a hundred years, I am known only as the man who invented Sherlock Holmes, then I would have considered my life a failure". Well, that's unfortunate, isn't it? But don't worry Sir Arthur, we consider you to be a very prolific writer!
What about you guys? Do you think that Doyle was just a one hit wonder or do you find his other works just as amazing?
Tell us in the comments below
Till the Read, Write and Relish!

The Adventures of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Hello reader,
It has been a while since something new was posted (Really sorry for that).We know that you have been waiting for more fun so this month we would be celebrating the birthday of the person who created the most famous man that never was (Sherlock Holmes, that is). So if you haven't heard of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle yet, here's a brief:
Arthur Conan Doyle was born on 22 May 1859. He was a doctor by profession but soon began dedicating his time to writing and later became a full fledged writer.While Sherlock Holmes is his most famous work, it is not his only.He also wrote many historical novels,science fiction, plays, poetry etc.Not only that, he was also a very talented sportsman and also served as an honorary war correspondent.  
Seems like a pretty versatile person, huh?
Well, we will be acquainting you with more shades of his personality.
So, keep reading, writing and relishing

Thursday, 20 February 2014

New book by Lemony Snicket!

Hello reader,
It's Lemony Snicket Month and we have great news for all the fans out there.There is going to be a new Lemony Snicket book coming out this April!!!
It is titled 'File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents' and will have Lemony Snicket himself investigating 13 suspicious incidents in the town of Stain'd-by-the-sea.
So are you excited about it? I know I am.
Do you think the book will have the Baudelaire children or other characters from 'A series of Unfortunate Events'? Tell us in the comments below.
Till then Read, Write and Relish!!!

Friday, 7 February 2014

A series of phrases abbreviated as V.F.D

Hello reader,
Those of you who have read 'A series of unfortunate events' would know that V.F.D plays a very significant role in it.It is an international organisation to which the Baudelaire parents and many other characters belonged.But throughout the series, there are many phrases which the author abbreviates as V.F.D. Since it is the year 2014, here are 14 of my favorites:

  1. Very Fancy Doilies
  2. Village of Fowl Devotees
  3. Very Fun Day
  4. Vision Furthering devices
  5. Vain Fat Dictator
  6. Volunteer Feline Detectives
  7. Very Flammable Detergent
  8. Volatile Fungus Deportation
  9. Visitable Fungal Ditches
  10. Various Finery Disguises
  11. Very Flavorless Diet
  12. Verse Fluctuation Declaration
  13. Voracious Fierce Dragon
And for the last one, you ought to know what V.F.D really stands for. It means Volunteer Fire Department and their motto is 'The world is quiet here'.
So do you remember from which books each of these full forms are from? If yes, tell us in the comments below. Till then, Read, Write and Relish!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Series of 'February' Events!!

Hello Readers,

 It's been so long since I posted! Really sorry for the's February and it's a whole new beginning to this year as we are celebrating the month of Lemony Snicket!! Let me tell you more about him.....'Lemony Snicket' is actually the pen name of American novelist Daniel Handler. He was born on the 28th of February 1970. He is the author of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'.

   So brace yourselves for a month full of facts, book reviews and of course, fun! Till then Read,Write and Relish!!


Friday, 31 January 2014

The Screaming Staircase Review

Hello Reader,
I'm sure most of you must have heard of the latest book by Jonathan Stroud.It's the first book in a brand new series called Lockwood and Co. and since I am a fan of Stroud's Bartimaeus series, I decided to give this one a shot too. Well,I can tell you one thing, this book does not disappoint.So here's what I feel about it:

Monday, 27 January 2014

Invention of Hugo Cabret Review

Hello reader,
It has been soooo long since we last met. Really sorry for that. Anyways, in spite of that, I did find time to read a few really good books.One of them is 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret'.So, I've been wanting to read this book right since I heard about the movie based on it and when I saw it in the library, I just couldn't resist borrowing it.And so, here's what I feel about it: