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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Magnus Chase Sword of Summer Review

Hello readers,
The latest creation by Uncle Rick has been out for a while now and if you haven't read it, go pick it up right NOW!! Or read this review if you need more inspiration....
Firstly can I just say that I really really missed the first person POVs and quirky chapter titles!! It was really nice to hear Magnus' own thoughts. I like how he's older than most Riordan characters in their first books. It makes him more relatable to the readers who have been following Rick right since Percy Jackson was out..
Speaking of Magnus himself, he is awesome!! He's smart, sarcastic and funny. Plus, he's a nerd and proud of it! Also...he looks like Kurt Cobain. It's also interesting how he is fine with the fact that his dad can't be with him right from the start...there's  no hard feelings between them.

The other characters are really great too. They are all so different from each other and yet their team together  is amazing! They all just know to help each other with their flaws so well. Samirah , Blitz and Heath are part of the A-team but the others at Valhalla are just as enjoyable!
There's also the Sword of Summer a.k.a Jack. He talks!!
While Jack is probably even more powerful than Riptide, it's Magnus' strength and will that will ultimately decide its fate at Ragnarok!
Speaking of characters, there were definitely some I couldn't wait to see: the Norse Gods.
Loki in the book is just as charming as expected but in a very 'not-Tom Hiddlestony' way. His character plays a pretty big role and I'm sure we'll get to see him a lot in the next few books. He's got big plans in his head and I just can't wait to see them unravel.
Thor, on the other hand is very different from what I imagined. Less Chris Hemsworth and more like Merida's dad from 'Brave'...Who would have thought the Mighty Thor would be interested in Sherlock, Arrow and the Game of Thrones..So we have to interpret his character right from scratch...It would be really interesting to see how he develops through the series.
The plot itself is very engrossing and I couldn't stop myself from reading it all in one go!Then there was an epilogue!(more like another cliffhanger)But atleast it was called an epilogue. There are also a bunch of PJO references which take you back to the good old days...and then there's Annabeth!
I really wish she had a bigger role in this book that would kind of redeem her character from Blood of Olympus. I really loved Annabeth's character but I don't want to see her be the one who talks herself out of her troubles...So there's just that one thing I hope was different...

Overall though..It was PERFECT!!
Like I said, if you haven't read it do it now!
Then tell us your thoughts in the comments below!
See you soon,

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Insurgent Movie + Book Review

Hello readers,
Sorry couldn't be active for days!
Yesterday my friends and I went to watch the movie Insurgent, the sequel of Divergent!
The book is phenomenal, the movie is true to the book. 
Both the Insurgent book and the movie keeps you thrilled. Each page brings new questions and creates suspense and a conundrum about the future.
It's  action packed mysterious story. Veronica Roth to attract the readers with her words very well. She makes you believe in the world she has created!!
Taking off from where Divergent left, Tris, Four, Caleb and Peter take refuge with Amity and hide for their safety. They have a tough time, knowing their lives might never be normal or happy anymore. Meanwhile, Jeanine's hunt for Divergents is still on. Peter and Caleb join back Erudite. Four's mother is found to be alive and is the leader of the armed Factionless. The other Dauntless members are in Candor. The Christina finds out that Tris killed Will. Tris is found to be a 100% divergent.She walk in to her own death trap and is in search to find what her mother is hiding. We also see Tris pass many more simulations. A secret is revealed, leaving everyone shocked.To know the truth...follow Tris' fight as she finds out what being Divergent really means....
I enjoyed the story completely. What about you guys??
Comment your thoughts and suggestions below.
That's all folks!