Saturday, 16 November 2013

Silver Chair is hitting the silver screen soon!

Hello Reader,
It's C.S Lewis month and we've got great news for you.It has been officially announced that there is going to be a fourth Narnia movie!!
Yes, you read it right.'The Silver Chair' is now going to be made into a movie!!
So those who haven't read the book yet, hurry up!Just to encourage you here's a small summary of it:
'The Silver Chair' is the penultimate book of 'The
Chronicles of Narnia' series. It chronicles the adventures of Eustace and his new friend Jill as they travel across the dark caverns of Narnia in the quest to save the missing Prince Rillian and defeat the evil Green Lady. Left all alone in a strange land with nothing but four vague signs, will our heroes be able to make it in time to save Narnia's heir and destroy evil or will they succumb to their fears and accept defeat??

That is up to you to find out!!
So watch out for the movie and also for more fun! Till then Read, Write and Relish!!

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