Friday, 7 February 2014

A series of phrases abbreviated as V.F.D

Hello reader,
Those of you who have read 'A series of unfortunate events' would know that V.F.D plays a very significant role in it.It is an international organisation to which the Baudelaire parents and many other characters belonged.But throughout the series, there are many phrases which the author abbreviates as V.F.D. Since it is the year 2014, here are 14 of my favorites:

  1. Very Fancy Doilies
  2. Village of Fowl Devotees
  3. Very Fun Day
  4. Vision Furthering devices
  5. Vain Fat Dictator
  6. Volunteer Feline Detectives
  7. Very Flammable Detergent
  8. Volatile Fungus Deportation
  9. Visitable Fungal Ditches
  10. Various Finery Disguises
  11. Very Flavorless Diet
  12. Verse Fluctuation Declaration
  13. Voracious Fierce Dragon
And for the last one, you ought to know what V.F.D really stands for. It means Volunteer Fire Department and their motto is 'The world is quiet here'.
So do you remember from which books each of these full forms are from? If yes, tell us in the comments below. Till then, Read, Write and Relish!

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