Saturday, 21 March 2015

Insurgent Movie + Book Review

Hello readers,
Sorry couldn't be active for days!
Yesterday my friends and I went to watch the movie Insurgent, the sequel of Divergent!
The book is phenomenal, the movie is true to the book. 
Both the Insurgent book and the movie keeps you thrilled. Each page brings new questions and creates suspense and a conundrum about the future.
It's  action packed mysterious story. Veronica Roth to attract the readers with her words very well. She makes you believe in the world she has created!!
Taking off from where Divergent left, Tris, Four, Caleb and Peter take refuge with Amity and hide for their safety. They have a tough time, knowing their lives might never be normal or happy anymore. Meanwhile, Jeanine's hunt for Divergents is still on. Peter and Caleb join back Erudite. Four's mother is found to be alive and is the leader of the armed Factionless. The other Dauntless members are in Candor. The Christina finds out that Tris killed Will. Tris is found to be a 100% divergent.She walk in to her own death trap and is in search to find what her mother is hiding. We also see Tris pass many more simulations. A secret is revealed, leaving everyone shocked.To know the truth...follow Tris' fight as she finds out what being Divergent really means....
I enjoyed the story completely. What about you guys??
Comment your thoughts and suggestions below.
That's all folks!

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