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Friday, 1 January 2016

Girl Online Review

Hello Readers,
It's been a long time since we began,
I thought let's be more punctual with the posts and to begin with let's start with a sweet book review, to welcome a precious New Year.
Girl Online is a novel by a well known, British Beauty Youtuber, Zoe Sugg who goes by the name of Zoella to her fans. She has over 9.7 million subscribers and a ton of awards in her name.
Girl Online has a typical across the sea love story with a modern twist. The story evolves around Penny - a teenage girl with a passion of photography who is a bit clumsy and anxious  (a lot actually).
As she faces the world, she struggles to deal with her school, friends and "adolescence" in general.
But Zoe makes the readers love the character as she is an inspiring blogger who has her identity covered, and goes by the name Girl Online.
She created the blog as that seemed the only place she could truly express and be herself (excluding her gay best friend Elliot, who has to deal with him family's parenting issues). She keeps herself out of public events as she suffers from strokes at weird times leading her to blank out and faint. And she later realizes this is a phenomena called "panic attack", which started since her family experienced a frightening car crash.
Slowly her blog earns fame and she's happy to share her experience with her readers and accept their unconditional support. But when Penny gets an opportunity to take a picture for her school play, she accidentally fell off the stage, flashing her knickers, which soon becomes viral throughout the Internet.
Penny learns it the hard way that a lot of hate goes around the internet, it just catches like forest fire.
Once her parents and her brother Tom hear about this they help her out by planning to go to New York for Christmas Eve as Penny's mother is a wedding planner and she has to arrange a "Downtown Abbey" themed wedding at very posh hotel. The family go along with Elliot to NY but Tom couldn't make it, and Penny soon falls in love with Noah in the trip, even though she has no clue about his identity.
After the holiday romance, she figures out that Noah is a famous musician with a huge YouTube fan following, and supposedly has a girlfriend who is a very famous pop singer. And this information about Noah and Penny becomes viral, which makes Penny hate the Internet, and she vows never to go online again.
Girl offline... Never going online xxx
With Elliot facing his family after coming out, Penny struggling with her love life and enmity from all her friends, Noah who is now angry at Penny as he believes she failed him things take a turn but this time for good or bad?? Read the book to figure that out!
This book allows a teenager to feel vulnerable, strong, independent, clumsy, anxious, and to also be aware of the Internet and bad company as friends, is all okay and its part of your life. This book might be too sweet to be true but it allows you to dream and inspires you to blog.
Personally I love blogging so I was connected to the book throughout. And the second book Girl Online: On Tour is out now too.So comment below if you want me to write a review about it. Or any other book you want a review of. 
Happy New Year readers..
Until next time,
Read, Write, Relish

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