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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ooooh! A Graphic Novel

Hello Readers,
How have you guys been, its been quite a few days since our last post. Let's see what I have got for you lovelies today! Shall we?
A graphic novel according to me is an alternative creative universe that I would  love to travel every day if you'd allow me. And there wasn't anything wrong about other kind of books, but these books captivated me as a young girl with its colors and the message boxes.
I recently read a graphic novel by a Youtuber..... I know you might be thinking here's another antisocial person who sits in front of Youtube the entire day, but guess what its up to you what you watch and why you watch. I watch in search of creativity, and this guy called Joe Sugg also known as Thatcher Joe is crazy and has got a rather weirdly tuned mind, I suppose. He's written or rather, crafted the graphic novel called 'Username Evie'.

Evie is a very lonely girl who doesn't seem to fit in any of the groups in her class and is not even close to being as popular as her cousin (who hates her, BTW). Evie's dad in his last days dedicated his entire time to create an ESCAPE for his daughter, which Evie takes a while to figure out, and once she does she doesn't want to stop. E.scape was  programmed to evolve the way the visitors of the place thought or felt. So, if you are angry then you see that the people in the program are angry too. Evie and her cousin land in this world creating different types of people and the stronger your emotion, more massive is the response. But once a creature is evolved it can't change the way it feels, it continues to grow the same way as the first wave of emotion that hit it. So with all this happening there's hope for Evie to meet her virtual dad if she makes it to the finish of E.scape.
Will she make it?What troubles does she face as she searches for her father?Does she really escape the real world into this virtual space of her own? Is it even her own? 
Read the Novel to find out about it! I've always loved graphic novels and this one didn't let me down. Good job book, you lived to my expectations! I surely suggest you to read this book.It might open new doors for us, wonders could happen.
Share your thoughts with me!
Until next time,
Read, Write, Relish....

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